Friday, May 22, 2015

Trash Bin Resurrected!

It's been years since I have posted here.  I guess blogging at that time was my least priority.
First and foremost, Medical Residency had consumed all my time. After 3 years of residency training, our training officer decided to extend me for a year to help my junior residents, though not as busy compared from previous years, still blogging never came into my mind.  Secondly, after residency training, here comes PSBIM exam, I had to spend so many hours reviewing Mr. Harrison's. Thirdly, after the exam, here comes a new milestone of medical profession, which had also consumed my time...the Fellowship training.
Just to keep my sanity and autism mode, I opted for other options just like posting my mild rantings on Facebook. A simple sigh can give a slight relief, and thanks to my earphones, which had separated me from a world full of stressors.
With all the negative vibes that I face every now and then, I guess posting entries on my blog is the answer. In this way, I can keep my sanity intact. Since this site is more "private" compared to other sites, I can freely post those negative thoughts I have. I am free to express my thoughts and my feelings.  I guess resurrecting this page is a better way, I mean aside from shedding out those negative and careless thoughts I have, I can inflict no pain to anybody..unless they read this intently....


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