Sunday, October 12, 2008

Connected In Silence

No communication
Total silence, a black hole, an endless abyss.
It hurts my ears, it hurts my eyes, it hurts my heart
I yearn to hear, to know, to feel.

Where are you? Where have you gone?
What are you doing, thinking, dreaming?
I used to know.

There is such a void where the words used to live
A loneliness only you can fill.

The words have gone, but the connection still lives.
You're in my thoughts, my dreams, my heart, my soul.
We may be silent but forever connected.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reminders for myself!!!

  1. life is a constant change...learn to deal with it!
  2. no one can bring me down except myself...
  3. some people may hate me...(i can't please everybody, anyway..)
  4. i have a life to face...why get stacked with my past?
  5. be independent and responsible..hahaha..I know, I MUST!
  6. my bestfriend is myself...(talk to yourself everyday rhea, it's quite refreshing!!)
  7. be autistic when you can't take it any longer!
  8. i can't let anyone shatter my protected world!!!
  9. dont forget to take a deep's relaxing!!
  10. mind over'll never get hurt!!
* quite selfish huh??? it's just for now!!! i'm a little bit hurt!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i release all my doubts and fears,

there is no past, there is no future.

There is only here and now.

I am filled with joy here and now

I am living my life’s purpose here and now

I am loving my self and all others here and now

I am calm and contented

I am thankful for everything

I am Here…Now.